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Message from the Mayor


July 22, 2019

Walter Curran

Mayor Walter F. Curran


     Ocean View is growing. The entire Southeast corner of Sussex County is growing. The difference is, in Ocean View, we are growing in a controlled manner, ensuring that as a town, we stay true to our small-town heritage.

     2019 has been a year of change, a hectic year, starting with the debacle caused by us switching to the County system of assessed values. We have rectified that mistake and a complete revised billing of 2019 has been accomplished. This was done through the tremendous efforts of our new Town Manager Carol Houck, new Director of Finance Dawn Parks and staff accountant Carol Lebedz.

     As elected officials, it is incumbent upon me as Mayor and the other members of the Town Council, to do what is in the best interests of the Town as a whole and not deviate into the byways of partisanship. We need to look for solutions to problems, not just point fingers at the problems. In that regard, I think the current Town Council has done a magnificent job of steering our ship-of-state through some treacherous waters and we have emerged ship-shape and seaworthy.

     By looking for better ways to get things done, we have gotten away from the use of Transfer Tax as a general revenue and used it where it properly belongs, for capital projects. Under the able guidance of our new Director of Planning & Zoning Ken Cimino, we have completed the Woodland Ave. project on time and within funding levels and are well into the Woodland Park project, both of which had been cans kicked down the road for years. Now we are focused on prioritizing other capital projects.

     We have adjusted our Public Works department and outsourced some work. By doing so, we have increased our efficiency and lowered costs.

     The revitalized “Concerts & Movies in the Park” has piqued the interest of many Town citizens and been a source of enjoyment for adults and children.

    And don’t forget, we live in the safest Town in Delaware! In today’s troubled world, that is an enormous asset and it is due mainly to the efforts of our Police Department and its leader, Chief Ken McLaughlin.

    We are also blessed with many hardworking volunteers who staff our Board of Adjustments, Planning & Zoning Commission and Board of Elections. On behalf of the entire Town Council, I thank them for their work.

     Ocean View is a wonderful place to live and to visit and it is my intent and that of the entire Town Council to ensure it stays that way.