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August 19, 2020



Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Planning and Zoning Commission shall consist of five members.

Term of office.



Powers and duties.


Board of Adjustment.

The Town shall continue to maintain a Board of Adjustment and the Board of Adjustment shall consist of five members.


Term of office.


The Mayor shall appoint members of the Board of Adjustment; and



Compensation. Members may be compensated as determined by Town Council.  Currently $30 per application.


Board of Elections.

There shall be a Board of Elections,



The Board of Elections shall oversee the registration of voters, nominations and all Town elections. The Board may appoint election clerks or other employees to assist it in any of its duties, which may be employees of the Town.

Board of Assessments.

If the Town Council shall elect to use the assessment process provided for in the Town Charter, it shall appoint at any regular or special meeting of the Town Council three residents of the Town of Ocean View who shall be members of the Board of Assessment. The members of the Board of Assessment shall be appointed for terms of one year.


The Board of Assessments shall be called to meet for an official appeal of an assessment any time an assessment continues to be questioned following first an unofficial appeal with the Town’s contractual Assessor. 

The Board will be presented with all the facts and details associated with the assessment to reach a decision. 

Compensation is Currently $50 day.


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