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Message from the Town Manager

As of writing we are still operating under the restrictions of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Declaration.   This has included a closing of our Administrative building at 201 Central from its regular public access as well as postponement or switching to electronic and or Zoom meetings to conduct business.   With that said, I am happy to share that while not working in the office, much of our Town staff not considered “essential” have been able to work remotely to continue to deliver services and accomplish required tasks.   I am thankful for the level of engagement and reliability our dedicated employees have shown during this unprecedented interruption to our normal way of living and working.  

The public health emergency also required John West Park to be closed and for that we are sorry but recognize to have been necessary.   When restrictions are lifted, you will find that we have used the closed time wisely, having been able to keep our planned improvements moving forward including the installation of new beautiful turf in the playground and open areas, increased floral and plant beautification, a Little Free Library and an improved and better lit parking lot!  

Please check out our event information in this newsletter and rest assured that we are working behind the scenes to bring you unique Town of Ocean View experiences, just as we did in 2019.  We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous support and attendance at our revamped line-up of family events last year.  Your participation in our events and our Comprehensive Plan outreach activities left your Town staff and the Mayor and Council with a renewed understanding of the importance of taking the time to create small town engagement opportunities.  

January 2020 marked my 1-year anniversary with the Town of Ocean View.  It has been a very rewarding year and I am looking forward to the year ahead (and fiscal year) as different as it may be.   We have already begun working on some of the projects and initiatives identified in the Comprehensive plan  including bike and pedestrian safety improvements, an evaluation of our water utility and its operations, oversight of various Town maintenance projects and consideration of possible short or long term impacts related to the pandemic as they may relate to doing business or our budgeted revenues. 

Cheers to the Ocean View Police Department under the leadership of Chief McLaughlin and Captain Hall for the department’s role in the Town’s ranking as the safest place to live in Delaware for the 2nd year in a row.  We are very fortunate to have such an engaged and dedicated police force.   

Thank you again for your engagement with your Town! 

 Carol S. Houck

  Town Manager