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Municipal Goverment

The Town Charter that outlines the structure of government for the Town of Ocean View was adopted on April 1, 2003.  The Town Charter created a council manager form of government.  All legislative powers of the Town are vested in a Council consisting of a Mayor and four Councilpersons.

The Charter specifies the election of the Councilpersons and the Mayor.  Each Councilperson, as well as the Mayor, is elected by a plurality of all registered town voters.  The Mayor’s duties include presiding over the Council meetings; representing the Town in emergencies; and policy making and administrative oversight duties for the Public Safety Department.

The Mayor and Councilpersons are elected to three year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms in office.  The terms of office are staggered so that at least one Councilperson is up for election every year.  After leaving the Mayor’s post or Council post, the outgoing Mayor and/or Councilperson must wait one year before being eligible to seek another term of office.  This limitation, however, does not apply to a Councilperson having completed two consecutive terms from running for Mayor and serving in this position for two consecutive terms as would also be the case for a Mayor running for a vacating Councilperson seat.

The Town Manager is appointed by the Mayor and Council and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council.  The role of the Town Manager is to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Town and to supervise the day-to-day operations of all of the departments of Town Government.  The Town Manager is charged with developing the annual and long range Capital Improvements budgets.  He/she is assisted by three department heads—Administrative Official/Director of Public Works; Director of Finance; and the Chief of Police.

The General and Administrative Department includes finance, records management, financial overseeing of the municipal water system, budgeting, and tax collections.

The Administrative Official Department includes planning and zoning, annexation, rental licensing, business licensing, building permits, and site planning.

The Public Safety Department includes providing protection and safety to the Town citizens through a municipal police force.

The Public Works Department includes maintenance of the Town’s park, public buildings, streets and drainage.  The Administrative Official is also the Director of Public Works.

Qualifications for Mayor and Council Members

Each Council member and the Mayor must be at least 18 years old and be a registered voter in the Town of Ocean View. The Mayor must have resided in the Town at least two years immediately preceding the date of the election and the Council members at least one year.  Each Council member must be a resident of the district they represent on the Council.  The Mayor and Council members are elected at large.