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Town Bird

The official Town bird is the Purple Martin. 

A.   PURPLE MARTIN:   America’s Most Wanted Bird
B.   HISTORY:   The first Starlings were imported into America in 1890 by a group determined to
      introduce every species of bird mentioned by Shakespeare. Only sixty were released. Without
      enemy they aggressively usurped nesting sites of many types of birds thereby destroying eggs
and throwing young birds from their nests.
C.   Recent Developers have removed all other possible homes for Purple Martins.   
D.   The Purple Martins have made their homes in Ocean View long before man. Traveling from
      Brazil, the Purple Martin chose to raise their young in the clean boundaries we know as Ocean
E.   The American Indians developed the first man-Purple Martin relationship long before
      Columbus. They hung hollow gourds near their settlements to attract the Purple Martin.
F.   The next 100 years depends on the Council taking the steps today to attract Purple Martins for
G.   The Purple Martin is a clean bird. It carries its body waste away from nests and humans.
H.   The Natural Nest made by the Wood Pecker have been taken over by the imported English
 Starlings and the European Sparrows.
I.    The Purple Martin is a beautiful song bird with a dark metallic blue back and black belly on the
      male; the females are light-bellied and their throats and breast are grayish. Both often spread
      their Vee or forked tail in flight. Their aerial skills provide endless enjoyment.
J.   Man has recently gained the means to destroy the garden but he will never have the ability to
      restore it.
K.   Lets take together, the first small step for a 7¼” Swallow and declare the Purple Martin as our
 official Town Bird in Ocean View.
L.   In return this bird will provide us with an aerial defense working endlessly to consume countless
 mosquitoes and earning our respect, pride and repaying our small effort for its recognition.
Written by: Scott Burd

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